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Lich Cat

Sound Designer, Recording Engineer, Voice Actor

Sound Design

Most of my sound design work for Lich Cat was related to sounds that the player makes, as well as the Librarian boss at the end of the beta. It was so fun and interesting to make different sounds for this evil-yet-adorable world!

Spell Menu

This set of sounds was maybe one of my favourites that I've ever made! I wanted drawing spells to sound just as unique as it feels in the game, giving it an eerie and sort of deathly quality. Spellcasting has an almost musical feeling to it, since each spell has a different series of notes to form a theme for each one.

Librarian Scream

You can hear the librarian make this sound as you approach the door before the fight. One of the many sounds layered within this one, surprisingly, is the sound of a coffee filter being pulled through a french press! 

Librarian Slam Growl

Voice Acting

Grynx Lines
Grob Voicelines

I was really happy to have the chance to provide the voices for two of the goblins from Lich Cat! These dialogues start spontaneously while exploring the game. 

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